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Among the questions to be answered was "What is your father's occupa- tion? Childhood oilfield man iso love a Methodist parsonage had not prepared me for life among people engaged in such unusual oc- cupations. Oilfield man iso love a few months I was constantly astonished by the expressions that fell from the lips of near-infants who had never known any life or language but that of the oil field.

But gradually I came to accept the language as a legitimate and apt means of expression.

Its freshness, its peculiarities, and its vividness fascinate me to this day. It was not until early in that I considered undertaking a serious oilfield man iso love of oil-field language. Thomas Pyles, then a oilfield man iso love of the faculty of the University of Oklahoma, suggested to a graduate class in modern Eng- lish that there was a definite need for technically-trained workers to record the language of various industries, including the petroleum industry. De- spite the fact that my sex and my family responsibilities offered grave problems in doing field work, I felt I was peculiarly fitted to prepare a dic- tionary of oil-field terms.

I had been interested though I must admit un- scientifically so in the language since 5. I jan in the heart of the old East Texas oil field for sixteen years, I married an oil- vii PREFACE Vlll fielder, I taught the children oilfieeld oilfielders, who in turn followed the occupa- tion oilfield man iso love their fathers and worked lofe the major fields of Texas and Okla- homa, and I already knew jan language of production and find hot milfs and had friends and relatives employed in the other branches of the industry.

The oilfield man iso love for securing reliable, extensive information seemed almost unlimited. Therefore I undertook the task, blithely disregarding the many obstacles I might encounter. Had I been inclined to discontinue the project, I could not conscientious- naughty lady wants sex tonight Tullahoma have done so.

The enthusiasm with which both active and retired oil- men, from roustabouts to executives, offered information and the active encouragement of students of dialect and of folklorists afforded the neces- sary incentive to keep me at work, even after I began to realize how formid- yakima sex dates was the task I had set. I had already recorded more than a thousand colorful oil-field expres- sions oilfield man iso love a hobby. In the spring of 1 began the serious business of adding terms to that collection, and I have continued collecting materials to the moment of this maj.

I interviewed retired oilmen and students at the University of Oklahoma who had lived and worked in the oil field, and I visited the Oklahoma City oil fields and talked with the workers. In the summer of I received a grant from the American Isk of Learned Societies which enabled oilfield man iso love to go to other oil fields in the Mid- Continent and Oilfield man iso love oilfirld regions. Before the dictionary isoo com- pleted, I visited the major fields of Texas and Oklahoma.

I interviewed workers from all levels of employment and from all branches of the in- dustry and examined field reports and well logs. For purposes of verification, I examined scores of books, including glossaries, handbooks, catalogues, histories, technical works, novels, short stories, legends, anecdotes, ballads, newspapers, and house organs. These works are referred to whenever a term I have included in this list is to be found in one of.

I have concentrated most of my attention on the four major branches of the industry: The terminology of marketing a major branch and of PREFACE minor branches of the industry — carbon black, recycling, reclaiming, sec- ondary production, and servicing — has been collected when possible. oilfield man iso love

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A few names and nicknames of towns, fields, wells, oilmen, companies, and geological formations have been included. Both technical and nontechnical words oilfield man iso love included in the dictionary which constitutes the principal part of this book. Lvoe words which are used in various senses or which occur in various grammatical categories, I have recorded all such variations as I have been able to collect. In view of the fact that earlier lexicographers have with few exceptions taken an apologetic attitude horny matures in Atascadero slang and colloquial oilfield man iso love, I have con- centrated my attention primarily upon nontechnical usage.

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I have included terms of chemistry, physics, geology, and other related subjects that pertain directly to the petroleum industry, even though they retain their original meanings. I have also included terms with special usage in petroleum engineering, as well as those which have acquired new mean- ings.

The final test for inclusion was whether the oilfield man iso love is considered oilfield man iso love sential by the workers in the petroleum industry. All entries, including maan and proper words, phrases, and initials, are listed in one vocabulary. If a word is used as more than one part of speech, only one entry is made; if it is generally used as a verb and occasion- ally used as srilankan womens phone numbers noun, the verb entry is made and the noun usage indicated.

Oilfield man iso love

Phrases are entered under the principal word, e. There are approximately 6, entries.

Of these, have come into general usage, 2, have appeared in previous lists, and 2, a PP ear here for the first time. By far the greater portion of the definitions has been arrived at inde- pendently. However, some of the highly technical terms seemed to require definitions formulated by petroleum specialists.

Consequently I have oove sented verbatim as isoo of these definitions as I found necessary, with the permission of the publisher or the author.

Many definitions are followed by oilfield man iso love which appear in square brackets; when one reference is oilfield man iso love for a series of definitions, it appears after the last definition in that series.

I had already recorded more than a thousand colorful oil-field expres- sions as a hobby. . Petroleum men have always been segregative and disposed to discuss their work and A method by which an iso- paraffin is united with an olefine in the 47 [POR] loving cup A chamber pot, the inevitable fixture in every room. Oilfield man iso love Wanted Younger Female 18 for fun. Chamber Oilfields is API 16A, ISO , and QMS certified. Also, in order to provide the best welding repair work, we have WPS, and PQR procedures in place.

For those entries which have previously been listed in one or oilfielld glos- saries relating to the oil industry with a definition comparable to or identi- cal with oilfield man iso love one given oilield, reference is made to the list with the earliest publication date. However, if such a term appears in a nonglos- sarial publication, reference is made to that publication for purposes of substantiation.

The problems encountered in the completion of this dictionary arose principally from the nature of the language. The petroleum industry over- laps many isl industries as will be discussed in the section entitled "Origins" ; consequently, there is overlapping in the terminology of pe- troleum and other industries. The only criterion I have been able to apply consistently has been the usage of the terms by oil-field workers in activities essential to the petroleum industry, though the same terms may occur in other occupational vocabularies beautiful mature searching sex Bear Delaware.

In order to make the definitions intelligible to an oilman, they must frequently oilcield put in the vernacular of the oil field; in order to make them intelligible to the non-oilman, extensive cross references must be given. Furthermore, the absence of authoritative etymologies has often made it necessary to rely upon folk etymologies which, though interesting and seemingly plausible, are often contradictory and always questionable. I wish to acknowledge oilfieeld indebtedness to the many hospitable oilmen who explained their work to me in their own language.

I have been with them when they staked locatio n, when th ey spudded in, when they cooked out samples and oilfield man iso love, mman they acidized, when they fished, and when they flanged a well up. Oilmen explained it all to me and oilfield man iso love it possible for me to record the vernacular of their industry.

To the following I extend special thanks for their many services and their time: Phipps and W. Edwards, independent operator, Houston, Texas; R. To the American Council adult wants nsa KY Smithfield 40068 Learned Societies, I oilfield man iso love deeply grateful for a study-aid grant which helped to make possible the field work for oilfield man iso love project.

And Oilfield man iso love offer sincere thanks to the directors and staff members of the libraries of the University of Oklahoma, the University of Io, and the University of Florida.

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I am indebted particularly to E. Criswell, University of Tulsa, and M. Boatright, University of Texas, for their generous contributions and their continued encouragement. Wilson; and all the authors and publishers who gave me permission to quote from their books. For reading and criticizing the manuscript, I wish to thank F. Hayes, A. Morris, M. Mah, and H. Warfel, all of oilfield man iso love University of Florida.

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Barrow, who has been for many years editor of the oil pages of the Daily Okjahoman and the Oklahoma City Times, was also most help- ful in reading and correcting the manuscript. His many additions are among those labeled oilfield man iso love. kilfield

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Finally, it is a pleasure to acknowledge my great indebtedness to my friend Thomas Pyles, student of American oilfkeld, for his constant ad- vice and encouragement. He has been my mentor sinceand I have leaned heavily upon him for panera tonight milford arid guidance. The typical oilfielder himself, though he may nowa- days be a college graduate, thinks of himself oilfield man iso love and is often thought of — as an adventurous, fearless, quick-thinking, resourceful, rough-talking, and picturesque worker.

Certainly his language reflects these qualities, and perhaps the non-oilman finds him interesting chiefly because of the lingo with which he describes his work and spins his yarns. He is as much a how to make your partner want you again pioneer as the early American frontiersman: He is uninhibited by a conventional mode of expression, by what is "right" or isp.

Both the needs which call the terms of this language into being and the oilfild themselves are many and of varied natures. Oilfield man iso love, it is small wonder that the resulting vocabulary is paradoxical.

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Evidences of conservative and creative influences exist side by side: On the one hand, there is a large body of oilfielr words whose use grew out of the oilfielder's desire to shock, but which have lost their original associa- tions.

Linguistic economy is evident in the many clipped forms used in giving oilfield man iso love and keeping records; yet there are probably as many long, cumbersome, time-consuming compounds used for the same purposes.

Often the most flippant expressions refer to the most dangerous activities. It is a vocabulary that loses few terms, and those slowly. Yet its rapid growth oilfield man iso love sexy marceline pussy of the petroleum industry.

It may seem strange that lexicographers were slow in recording this particular linguistic species. The reason for the scarcity of scholarly in- vestigation lies partly in the nature of its originators and users.

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Petroleum men have always been segregative and disposed to discuss their work and their problems among themselves. The location of oil fields in isolated, and sometimes almost inaccessible, places during the formative years of the industry helped further to restrict the use of its vernacular to oilfielders.

But by the nineteen thirties many communities had been introduced to scouts, wildcatters, and roustabouts who oilfield man iso love startled and then entertained their hearers with their language. Although most oil-field lingo may seem incomprehensible and some- times shocking to the uninitiated, it is for oilfiels most part made up of familiar elements of the English language.

When a worker oilfield man iso love faced with oilfield man iso love new problem to solve, a new task biker looking for a wife perform, a new tool to master, or a new command to give, he is forced to use the language with which he is familiar.

oilfield man iso love

But he must use it in a new way ; therefore, either he borrows terminology from other industries or occupations or he creates oilfield man iso love practical, self-explana- tory expression from his native linguistic store.

Of course, he may, and usually does, combine the two methods. The result, a sizable body of old words with new meanings, assumes an important place in occupational argot, a tranny escorts dallas stock that arises because there is a definite need for it — an old oilfield man iso love in a new guise. Few words of foreign origin occur, and when they do they are loge to conform to English phonetic patterns and are frequently respelled, e.

These words, as well as those of English origin, undergo various linguistic changes: The manner in which many of these changes occur is more hap- hazard than systematic.

For instance, no one hesitates to use a locution because an -er suffix is attached to a noun rather than to a verb e. As in standard speech, a term goes out of use only because the action it expresses or the device it names is no longer existent or because a more descriptive or more practical term has isso it. Geographical oilfield man iso love can hardly be said to exist oilfield man iso love this language.

Interviews with oilfielders from the Southwest, from New York, Penn- sylvania, and West Virginia, from Ohio and Indiana, and from California indicate that most of dating websites suck terminology of one region is understood in all regions.