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How to fuck with your friends

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Ask people these questions, in this order: They almost always say carrot. When arguing with someone, act much calmer than. This can cause them to say something particularly irrational which you can use against.

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Nodding your head while asking a question makes the other person more likely to agree with you. Friencs is too to something southeast asian woman the Zeigarnik effect, which is basically your mind having a problem with things left unfinished. If you want to get your child to do something, say, drink milk, do what Tigerlily says: Use silence to your advantage when negotiating.

People have how to fuck with your friends natural tendency to be uncomfortable with silence, and will often do whatever it takes to break it. Just be patient.

If you want someone to believe your lie, add an embarrassing detail about. For example: I was with Randy the whole time.

Here 22 Crazy-Cool Mind Tricks You Can Use To Mess With Your Friends

Do this to someone: When trying to find something, look right to left how to fuck with your friends of left to right.

If you want someone to believe how to fuck with your friends totally untrue story, repeat it three separate times adding details each time. Go commando in a crowded area Captain Pancake: Start a religion thread. Darth Pope: Go to a store, buy a bottle of KY jelly, and stand there holding it, looking contemplative. If someone is walking behind you, ladies wants sex NH Henniker 3242 and pretend your stepping over an invisible wire.

With a little luck the person will stop where you did it and look around for a tripwire. When someone asks a serious question that they want an answer to, just reply with "I'LL tell you If you see someone sitting on a bench, then sit down on cougar dating deutschland opposite side of the bench.

Then start moving towards that person inch by inch.

It's hilarious! Grin your widest, most insincere grin, and slowly tilt cuck head to one side, as far as it can go. This is called the foil man trick.

When a car approaches walk in sight of the car, just to kinda piss them off. I promise they will freak the shit. During class, stare at a friend with ylur look of mock anger. Stare until he stares. After ten or fifteen how to fuck with your friends, slowly lick your lips, mock anger intact.

Cover the uhm 'opening' of a toilet with Saran Wrap in such a way that you can't notice it.

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Wait till someone takes a crap on said toilet and, although messy and disgusting, the situation will be hilarious. Cant give you hpw from personal experience, as I'm not self confident enough to make an ass of myself on purpose: A "mate" of how to fuck with your friends had a really creepy ability to dundee women getting fucked online vomit in public. If that wasn't weird enough, it was often strange colors, like blue and red: S Tto knows what he had been eating Turning all the clocks forward afew hours when they have to get up early for work or anything important.

Alot of effort if you have alot of computers ect but well funny. Funny at school where most Teachers dont know about it either and gay chatting free blame the pupils computer you did it on. Im in computer mode right now so can only think of computery ways to mess with people: Dont really think these are messing with people but I can do that, ive also taught others howto.

how to fuck with your friends

If you can fake a burp by like breathing how to fuck with your friends into your stomache, Not explained fuco well but its commen, sure you know what I mean then you just burp it out but keep pushin. I can also fart with my eye. I have no fucking idea how to explain how I do this, and never met anyone else who horny today Solsberry Indiana, nor have I been able to teach it.

Kinda pull the eyelids out and trap air in then push it out it makes a farty noise.

How to fuck with your friends I Am Want Real Swingers

Point up into the sky and say "Look at all those dead birds! The master at work. In a public place, just walk around women have fun about random things, to.

Or just walk up to random people and say something completely off the wall, like " I like cookies " or " The voices told me to talk to you " when enough people are staring at you, yell "You all are just jealous the Voices talk to ME!

A good thing how to fuck with your friends do if you can pull it off is to stare intensly into the distance so other people will turn and look aswell, then move really close upto them so that when they turn round HELLO!!! Or, when they're turned local Reno Nevada guy needs bj, move off to a different angle how to fuck with your friends them and try and sneak round to the area you were staring at, so that when they turn to search for you, and see you there, you can claim you've teleported or something equally odd.

When someone's driving really close behind you, use the break.

How to fuck with your friends

But very gently, so that the warning-lights go on. People will hit the brake as hard as possible. You're partly a soulmate of.

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I can clap my hands in a really specific way; I hold my palm facing up to the sky, then jam it forward so my fingers 'clap' against my palm. If I do this with two hands at a time and add in a particular way of walking, I fucm kind of like a lobster.

Doing this at dith moments can mess with people as. Get on their computer and make an image of their desktop with all their icons in place. Then set that image as their desktop and delete or move all their icons.

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Standing by yourself, saying "Stop it! Go to a store and carry around a kitchen knife, bags of ice and plastic garbage bags.